Live and Learn in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

Calgary offers an ideal place to study and is situated at the foot of the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Calgary was home for the XV Winter Olympics and features many world-class attractions such as the Calgary Stampede. In the heart of Canada's oil and gas sector, Calgary is a prosperous, modern city of just over one million people. Calgary is well known for it's cleanliness, safety, and its friendly, welcoming people.

Why choose Calgary Study Abroad?

Since 1998, Calgary Study Abroad (CSA) has specialized in education placement and homestay services for thousands of students from all over the world. We add a personal touch to our services, offer great value, and provide lots of fun and friendship to our students' ESL learning experience.

  • Located in Calgary, we offer safe, friendly educational services in one of Canada's economic leaders.
  • We have over 18 years of experience in the industry and have established relationships with various institutes.
  • Our customized homestay placement services ensure that you are placed in a happy, healthy, and helpful family setting.
  • We offer popular short-term study and camp programs that feature a wide array of exciting activities for children and adult students.
  • We arrange qualified Canadian teachers to teach excellent English programs at institutes abroad.

Studying English in Calgary will be an enlightening and rewarding experience that will help you in your career and take you to new and exciting futures.
Contact CSA today to find out more about our unique and exciting services, and take the next step forward in your English education!